X MAXSTRENGTH Six Pack Care Fitness Machine Abdominal Exercise Multi Color جهاز تمارين البطن و الجسم

X MAXSTRENGTH Six Pack Care Fitness Machine Abdominal Exercise Multi Color جهاز تمارين البطن و الجسم

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    X MAXSTRENGTH Abdominal Exercise Machine

    \nSix Pack Care Sit-up Exerciser - Target Core Training - Upper Body Training and Abdominal Training X MAXSTRENGTH Core II is a combination of the mainstream gym equipment. It is a 12-in-1 muscle toning system that gives you the full body workout results that you want. \n

    Six Pack Care is also totally adjustable!

    Six Pack Care comes with its unique Core Spring System that allows you to get the right amount of resistance every time you train and It also means that it can be tailored to anyone within the household.
    All it takes is to have the right amount of resistance set up to customize your fitness regime.

    Abdominal Workout Chair


    This portable fitness chair can help you exercise every part of your body muscles and You can choose the one you need from 22 different exercise positions.


    And You can exercise to the buttocks, thighs, legs, arms, chest muscles and other parts to strengthen your physical fitness.

    \n \n

    Six Pack Care

    \nwill help you lose weight, do toned body and cellulite removal gives your body toned and sexy and machine will help your energy consumption \n \nCalorie free, thereby stimulating the fat consumed with the care 7 6 specific areas on the body. \n \nSo Just practice all exercises and repeated twice within 10 minute sand exercise 4 to 5 days a week. \n

    Abdominal Machine

    \nSupports multi-sector collective Machine 7 episode 6 the care specific body areas including the abdomen and the upper abdomen, middle abdomen, lower abdomen and the side cross 2. and With 7 action on the entire abdominal areas a maximum contraction, buttocks and waist are also athletes. \n

    Triceps Extension

    \n  \n
    1. Pull out the long straight bolt and lay down the massage back.
    2. \n
    3. Put down the rowing machine and fix it with bolt
    4. \n
    5. Sit on the seat cushion inversely with your hands gripping the handles from the behind.
    6. \n

    جهاز تمارين البطن متعدد الأغراض, For Home or Gym


    Before using fitness equipment, be sure to perform necessary warm-up training to prevent muscle damage during use.

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