Sissy Squat Machine Multi-Function Squat Bench Machine


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Most excellent body weight training to shape your abs, thighs, and glutes.


 MAX STRENGTH Sissy Squat Machine is the most advanced addition to our variety of high-quality profitable exercise equipment. This Yoga Sissy Squat Machine is a great way to work on stability and stretch exercises with the premium variety of steel and mechanical comfort design. This will strengthen and its training focused on the legs, chest, arms, and biceps curls, abs such as sit-ups, shoulder press and one-armed boating.

Comfortable and Safe Squat with durability

High-quality materials: Our sissy squats are made of high-quality steel pipes. The large base and support structure conform to the ergonomic design principle, and the strong bearing capacity provides you with stable support.



  • Extended stainless steel base, with non-slip foot plate, safe and stable
  • This Multi-function portable Home Gym machine is the one home gym workout station you can’t miss.
  • Seat cushion is foam cushion and cushion is UP leather.
  • Convenient to store and Space saving
  • This multi workout Sissy Squat Machine can provide you a variety of exercise
  • The foot rest can be adjusted to fit suitable position.
  • Easy and quick adjustment of features.
  • The weight it can hold upto 160kg.
  • Machine Weight: 13Kg



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