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Electric Mini Fitness Bike are one of the best Mini Exercise Bike exercising tools that can be used for inside workouts. The pedal mechanism of this tool helps to relax the stiff muscles of the legs. Since these days, most of the people are involved in sitting or desk jobs, pedal exercisers make an excellent option for them. The absence of seat and handlebars makes them perfect for all. One can use it anywhere- home, offices, while taking in the phone, working on the computer, doing household chores, etc. Although pedal exercisers are small yet they can help you perform high-intensity exercises. Including it in the fitness routine can help in a number of ways. It burns calories, pumps up the heart, and eradicated the muscle stiffness and fatigue.


Electric Mini Fitness Bike Features:

  • MULTIPLE OPTIONS – The electric minibike is a practical option to exercise your legs and arms muscles easily. It offers multiple options so that it can suit your needs: motorized or manual assisted pedaling, forward and backward. It features ergonomic pedals, which also allow its use for promote blood circulation, improve balance, and strengthen muscles.
  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE – Adjustable resistance for customize exercise, easy to adjust the intension by rotating the knob, pedal is very easy, it is perfect for rehabilitation following a surgery or injury.
  • FEATURES – Adjustable speed with 12 levels. Remote control so you do not need to crouch down. Passive mode: you can also select the option of passive motor (off) for the pedaling to be 100 % manual.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION LCD DISPLAY – The LCD monitor on this mini pedal exerciser tracks your Time/ Distance/ Speed/ Calories when you cycling, easy to read. Four rubber non-slip feet prevent slippage and interrupt your movement.
  • REHABILITATION TRAINING – cerebral infarction, stroke hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, joint expansion, paraplegia, chills of lower limbs, limb paralysis, quadriplegia, Parkinson’s disease, nervous system flocculation, osteoporosis.

5 reviews for Electric Mini Fitness Bike Exercise Homegym Arm Pedal Bike

  1. amelia arthur

    good quality material. A***

  2. Khalifa

    top rated seller.

  3. aylia Khalid

    good customer service.

  4. samer

    I recently purchased the Mini Portable exercise bike and would highly recommend this product along with the service from MaxStrength.

  5. Jesse Z

    Happy with service. Thank you.

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