Maxstrength Thai Kick Pad Boxing Focus Strike Shield Punch Training Mitts


MULTI-LAYERED PADDING – Max Strength Strike shield allows the pad to absorb and dispense the strike force over a larger area and reduce the chance of injury.

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MAX STRENGTH Large Curved Strike Shield Muay Thai kick pad strike shield made from high quality Multi-Layer High Dense Foam padding to provide Maximum shock absorption. Made from High durable Synthetic Leather with Handle and extended Double Strap for better grip and cushion. Great for boxing or Thai kick boxing martial arts training. The use of strike pads is said to have came about as Muay Thai. Max Strength Curved Punching pads convexed a better grip. Sewn with strong stitches to improve the accuracy of strikes. These boxing target pads are great all-rounders and an ideal choice for all skill levels. Made from high quality Synthetic Leather. These strike shields are easy pull on and off. We recommended our boxing equipment for training at home and gym for Adult. Our strike pads are made with a strong attention to details.


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