X MAXSTRENGTH Double D Row Handle V Bar Cable Attachment Lat Pulldown V Bar Compatible Design


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Max Strength V Handle Cable Attachment.
Lat Pulldown V Bar Built with steel and finished with chrome; Non-Slip Grip Heavy duty designed to cope with high load exercise professional multi gym training cable attachment is solid and durable steel construction with chromed finish Suitable for a home gym workout with non-slip handle parts.

  • Manufactured from high-quality chromed steel for long-lasting and durable construction. Solid steel construction.
  • Constructed Of High-Quality Solid Steel And A High Polished Chrome Finished With Hand Grip Rubber For Anti-Slip.
  • Triceps V Shaped Press Down Bar Is More Elegant And Durable Without Corrosion And Rust.Compatible Type:
    Double D Row Steel Handle Cable Attachment for Weight Cable Row Machine.
    Solid gym quality row bar workout handles for home pulley cable system.
    Cable machine accessories for lat pull down pulley cable machines. 

Lat Pulldown V Bar Compatible Design

  • Lat Pulldown V Bar Can be used by both arms for balanced force to muscles in both sides, focus on triceps muscle and muscles on the back of upper arms, include: triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, abs.
  • Suitable for multiple workouts: seated row exercises, pulldowns, press downs, kickbacks, crunches, bent over row
  • choppers, pushing, pulling, knee bending, and more.
    Great Rowing Handle for Cable Exercises: Pretty heavy and built really well, top quality piece of workout equipment.
  • Convenient to use at home gyms during the pandemic



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