X MAXSTRENGTH Tricep Weight Bar Biceps Extension & Hammer Curl Bar


Max Strength Best Combination of Tricep Weight Bar – Tricep Extension & Hammer Curl Bar- Solid steel – Chrome finish Weight Plates-Includes 2 spinlock collars.

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Upper Body Exercise Bar

Hammer Curl Triceps Bar must-have for anyone wanting to strengthen & tone their upper body! Not only will it target your triceps, but the bar can be lifted in a multitude of ways to hit your biceps, anterior and traps, too! Change up your regular arm day and keep your body guessing with this ultra-versatile piece of strength equipment!

Hammer Curl Triceps Bar Works Awesome

It’s a no brainer that you need this piece of equipment in your arsenal. While it’s easy on the eyes, it’ll be a challenge for your tri-s & bi-s; which is exactly what you are looking for, right?! The steel bars are constructed with utmost attention to detail, then coated to provide a stellar level of protection to your already strong, sturdy bar. Plus, the finishing coat looks sleek!


Never mind twisting and turning and straining one part of your body to train another. This Bar features a rectangular cage with vertical crossbars, embossed with precise medium-depth knurling, and rotating sleeves to give you a comfortable, ergonomic positioning for each upper body exercise. Better position = better performance = more gains!



  • Quality steel construction with a chrome finish provides long-lasting durability for repeated use
  • Great for strengthening triceps, biceps, shoulders and improve overall arm shape
  • Unique design allows unrestricted arm movement and helps reduce injury
  • Measures 34 inches long
  • Weighs 22 pounds



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