Dipping Belt With Padded Back Support Leather Black

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CONSTRUCTED FROM HEAVY DUTY GENUINE COWHIDE LEATHER AND SUEDE – Our team has come up with the ultimate design for our belt, we wanted a solid and long lasting belt which led us to make this belt from extra thick heavy duty leather and suede making sure it can withstand heavy weights and high impacts without falling apart like other belts

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MAXSTRENGTH Heavy duty Real Cow Hide Leather best dipping belt with Padded layering. Made from high quality Cow Hide leather with suede lining for soft and comfortable fit. Thick padding to provide comfortable and soft support to the back with suede leather. 23″ Long heavy duty steel chain to allow easy change of weights with carabiner hook snap clip. Great for Dipping, Chin up or pull up exercises with increase weight resistance. Easy to add or remove weights and adjust belt with clip. 7″ Wide X 10″ Length of Padded Layer 23″ Long Heavy duty Chrome chain 30″ Best Dipping Belt length plus chain MAXSTRENGTH Branded Real Cow Hide Leather Best Dipping Belt Made with Inner Suede Leather finish to provide comfortable soft Thick padding for Extra support and cushion for lower back Best Dipping Belt Long 23″ Heavy duty steel Chain Steel Snap Hook clip Comes Brand New, Tested for Endurance and durability One size fits all with fully adjustable chain Great for dipping, chin or pull up exercises for training aid.

1 review for Dipping Belt With Padded Back Support Leather Black

  1. Ibtisam

    The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful in assisting me with my home gym

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