CrossFit Chain Adjustable Weights Lifting Dipping Belt


Premium BELT for DIP or Pull UP: Anchor Sports pull up and squat belt is designed to give you flexibility to add plates, kettle bells, dumbbells or other weight as needed easily and quickly.

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THE BELT IS USED by athletes with weights up to 120kg. With fully welded buckles throughout. Perfect for the strength athlete! COMFORTABLE PADDED FIT no matter the weight you are using due to extra inner padding as well as a super wide back pad. FULLY WELDED BUCKLES FOR MEGA STRENGTH plus chain and carabiner as pictured. The carabiner slots into itself so that once it is closed is very strong without having to be extremely bulky. Most cheaper belts do not have welded buckles and so come apart with heavy use. We only use welded buckles for added strength. PERFECT FOR ANY WEIGHTED HANGING EXERCISE such as pull ups, dips, muscle ups etc.


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