Boxing Dummy Boxing Stand Silastic Punching Bag


It is soft and does not hurt your hands. The integrated molding is more firm. The large-capacity base can be filled with water and sand, and the powerful suction cup is more stable.

  • Product Advantages】: The rubber base is more stable, the strong suction cup is more stable, the environmental protection material has no odor, the rebound effect is good, the cushioning is good, and the hand is not hurt Total Height: 165cm
  • 【Applicable people】: Bodybuilding people, sports people, student tribes, company white-collar workers, addicted gamers, work-suppressors, and strong people. Human body height: 110cm
  • Easy, easy to use】: It can be placed everywhere, without the need to deliberately, the living room and bedroom can be placed, and it can be used very conveniently and save space when it is moved out. Wide of man’s shoulder: 65cm
  • Base dia. 60cm, end with suckers; can fill in sand or water

Blue, Red


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