6FT Free Standing Heavy Duty Punch Bag Kick Boxing

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Free Standing Punch bag Made with High quality and durable 3 Layers material, ECO friendly PU, cushioned fabric and foam around steel bar.

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MaxStrength 182cm Free Standing Punch Bag

When it comes to our customer’s satisfaction, we want them to pay for nothing but the best. That’s why we work only with premium quality and durable materials and professional that is guaranteed to pass your high expectations.

Why should you order this product?

Freestanding Punchbags is a very convenient way to exercise without making messy holes in the wall.


  • High quality and durable 3 Layers material, ECO friendly PU, cushioned fabric, and foam around steel bar.
  • Designed for schools, clubs, training, and household uses.
  • Allow you to have a large surface for Punching and Kicking with Numbers to follow.
  • Great Exercise for upper body muscles and high and low kicks.
  • This Punch Bag is (up to 150 KG when the base is filled).
  • Made from Top Quality Rex Leather.
  • Ultra-Stable base.
  • Perfect for boxing, punching, and sparring training.
  • Ideal for Gyms and Boxing Clubs.
  • Ideal for Home Use.


  • Free Standing Punch Bag Total Height is 182cm (Approximately 6ft)
  • Punch Bag Height: 124cm
  • Punch Bag Circumference: 103cm
  • Connector: 23cm
  • Base Height: 35cm

Note: This Punchbag comes in two parcels for the top and the base.

13 reviews for 6FT Free Standing Heavy Duty Punch Bag Kick Boxing

  1. Laurel

    I am very pleased with this purchase. It is a very good price for what you get. I filled the base with water because I am using it in our basement and sometimes need to move it out of the way easily. It is very sturdy, very good quality and well made. The base does not move when I use it even at full force. The bag has quite a bit of a bounce, perfect for a beginner using it mainly for cardio. Not as heavy-duty as a bag a professional would use. I am so happy that I got this product!

  2. Marlena

    Good mix of a speed and heavy bag. Makes for a great workout!

  3. Julien

    Everything arrived as expected and was very happy with the products

  4. Asad

    I bought it for my 16-year-old son and he loves it and I love it. I got it because I don’t want him hitting anything and or knocking stuff over. He uses it all the time and loves it.

  5. Maalik

    I really like the product. It’s helping with my cardio workouts. I would definitely recommend it.

  6. الطائف

    العنصر تمامًا كما هو موضح والتوصيل في اليوم التالي – خدمة جيدة جدًا. أنا أحب حقيبتي الجديدة القائمة بذاتها بطول 6 أقدام

  7. Mohammad ghawanmeh

    The product is in good shape, the boys really like it is useful for boys Exercise.

  8. Gym Bunny

    It’s good for working out. Sturdy. You have to add sand.

  9. Jake Spindley

    I got this for my little brother as a birthday gift. He loves it! It is actually very sturdy and works great! He loved it.

  10. Simon

    My son uses this equipment daily. He loves it and it’s been so worth the value of the equipment.

  11. paula

    Love my punching bag. It’s sturdy and can take a punch or kick!

  12. dale a.

    Able to work out my core. It is sturdy and durable.


    A good product. Great addition to any workout routine. It can take good hits and kicks when the base is filled and weighted gown.

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