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Press Down Bar

Press Down Hanger Bar Set, with its unique palm support, keeps the wrist in a partial state of flexion at all times and In this position the line of force will pass through the proximal phalanx and the most efficient and less fatiguing grip position.

  • As the workout progresses, the wrist maintains its original position enabling the trainee to achieve an optimal workout.
  • Much more comfortable than a standard round handle.
  • As it disperses the force of the exercise throughout the entire hand and not just the fingers.
  • This takes the focus off gripping the bar allowing the user to focus on the targeted muscle group without prematurely ending their set because of grip failure.

Easy to Use Press Down Hanger Bar Set

  • Press Down Hanger Bar Set Easy to understand and use, it appeals to the novice and the highly trained athlete.
  • With seven unique designs that work your back at different angles.
  • You will never be bored again doing your back work.
  • Its is much more ergonomically correct than other handles enabling you to keep proper form throughout your workout.
  • Made of high-quality steel and coated with a super tough and baked-on washable rubber.
  • It will not chip and scratch your expensive machines like conventional handles.
  • Unique bending palm support and extended wide range design.
  • So Always keep your wrist in a partially twisted state during training and increases angle changes, and reduces the risk of a wrist injury.
  • X MAXSTRENGTH Incorporate these into your strength training plan.
  • Use different LAT pulldown attachments to the comprehensive and systematic exercises.
  • The method of using each different accessory and the target muscle group for exercise are inconsistent.
  • So Use the correct accessory to exercise the target muscle group.

Unique Palm Support

  • With its unique palm support & dipping plastic encapsulation, it fully mobilizes the strength of the target muscle group, deeply stimulates the target muscle group, and better targets the target muscle for precise exercise, and obtains a better exercise effect with a more comfortable exercise experience



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