3kg Coated KettleBell professional Kettle Bell Weights


Kettlebell training is perfect for building muscle, honing functional strength and athletic endurance through a variety of compound movements targeting major muscle groups and activation twitch muscle fibers.

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Vinyl Finish

Coated with a vinyl dip, our kettlebells are smooth at the touch to ensure a comfortable workout.

Color Coded

Featuring bright fluorescent colors, Lifespan kettlebells allows you to easily differentiate between the different weights to make your workout simpler.

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Kettlebells are exceptional training tools, allowing development of total body strength, power and endurance. They work the body across a wide range of angles, such as workouts involving squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, rotational swings and more.

Our vinyl dipped dumbbells are perfect for home or gym environments to protect your equipment, floor or walls from scratches that a normal kettlebell would do. They come colour coded to make your workout a tad simpler.


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