10 KG Weighted Vest Jacket Home Gym Workout

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Max Strength sports weighted vest helps in improving muscle strength and agility, thus useful with various bodybuilding and strengthening workouts.

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Through resistance, this weighted vest makes your exercise time productive. Useful for a variety of fitness exercises, including dips, push-ups, chin-up, vertical leaps, running, walking, cycling, cardio training, point exercises, and more. People also use our weighted vest for improving cardio conditioning.

  • Can be quickly and firmly fastened with the help of durable Velcro straps. At the front. Useful for muscle building, fat burning, and core strengthening drills, both at your home and gym.
  • Our fitness weighted vest has visibility straps that are useful for running or other workouts at night.
  • Heavy Duty weighted vest available in black color. Flexible weights allow the vest to bend with movement.
  • Available in 10kg, 15kg and 20kg weight.
Weight 20 kg

15 KG

1 review for 10 KG Weighted Vest Jacket Home Gym Workout

  1. Courtney Clark

    Great service. Will definitely be back.

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